Can I Ask The Civilized World a Reasonable Question?

What in the name of Bridget’s Holy Cunt is going on at the DMV? It’s not bad enough that they make you renew your license on your birthday, when you should have other things on your mind to avoid thoughts of your patient toil toward death. Instead I have to stand in the sort of waiting line that makes such thoughts fucking inevitable. And at the end of said line, I find that the DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLES is INCAPABLE OF ACCEPTING AN ELECTRONIC DEBIT CARD.

Paris AfterForgive my caps, but I need that to sink in. Despite the percentage of my paycheck that goes to taxes (NC residents, check your last pay stub and prepare to nod in agreement), and despite the fact that said taxes are supplemented by the “court costs” associated with getting a traffic ticket around here, the DMV apparently can’t afford a simple card reader and hook-up that’s found in every other civilized institution of monetary exchange in the fucking free world.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the sort of stress that gives birth to run-on sentences. Dealing with public servants is sometimes enough to make one wish for the collapse of it all…

Oh, speaking of which… Big announcement.

After, issue one, is PRINTED. As you can see, it’s actual, solid, and looks good under natural light. That’s right, folks, for a paltry financial pittance of only THREE U.S. dollars, you too can own the
first part of this epic tale of the post-Apocalyptic South. How, you ask (or would ask, if you were actually talking)?

Well, that’s the sticky widget about publishing an indy book, isn’t it? Always the distribution. At this PRECISE moment, the surest way to secure a copy of After is to find me and hand me three dollars. Now, I realize this may present a problem for some of you, as you might be states away, or concerned that I may try to attack and cannibalize you. For you such people, good news is on the way. VERY soon, we’re going to have information about how to order After online.

So we’re set in motion. And for those of you few and far between who are ACTUALLY along for the ride this project is going to be, send me an EMail direct at If anyone ever comes to me claiming to be my first fan, I wanna verify it.

Out for now…

– Paris “Rev” Battle



  1. Hey, I hear that editor of yours is pretty hot.

  2. She’s pretty smokin’, yeah. It’s the librarian thing.

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