Post Dragon*Con Report (And the Current Status of “After”)

MarriottThere’s something about returning home from a convention with the breadth and scope of DragonCon that leaves one in an odd mental state for a day or two. After four solid days of sensory inundation on that scale, coupled with the ingestion of traveling food and copious amounts of alcohol, it takes a bit to decompress and become re-used to a world where Imperial Stormtroopers don’t provide floor security and every other room isn’t occupied by a trashed and darkened impromptu hentai cinema.

But while my foggy brain readjusts to the sunny and structured normality of the so-called real world, it seemed an opportune time to update the world on where things stand with the first three parts of 501st_stairs‘After’. Spreading the word down in Atlanta was a blast, true… but the specifics of a project such as this properly belong on the internet where even the most far-flung comic book loving geek can have
access to them.

As it stands, “After” is the most independent of independent books, but we’re looking for a home. Publishers both large and small will be finding copies of issue one on their submissions desk in droves within the month. Ours is now the struggle of a comic book seedling spore, drifting on the wind and looking for fertile ground to anchor to, so that we may one day take root and grow into a mighty oak with actual distribution.

In the meantime, Memetic Press will be bringing information as to how to order your very own copy of After Issue One online, to be mailed to your door as soon as fate and the United States Postal Service can manage. Details are forthcoming, and all proceeds will be going to keeping this train rolling on its own steam for as long as possible.

In other news, it looks as though this site itself is set to rapidly evolve into my very own blog, to share stories from the world of a struggling comic creator. Those interested in the process (or involved in it on their own projects) should check back here as I’m not modest about sharing the secrets of my trials and errors.

Me With FlyerSo that’s where we stand, and that’s the direction we’re moving. I wanna thank anyone who took the time and interest to talk with me at DragonCon, and all parties involved should feel free to hit me up at A good long friends list never hurt anyone, after all.

Out for now….

– Reverend Battle


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