Cole & TSo after a long and hard road, heroes have arrived to save the fragile buds of a new civilization from the overwhelming force of barbarism’s dark hordes. And at the end of this road lies the goal of internet print-per-order. YES FOLKS… Now you too can own your very own copy of After, Issue One by simply ordering online. Just direct your trusty browsers to the following link:

And you too, for the low low internet price of $3.75 (plus shipping and handling) can be the proud owner of the hottest indy comic since the phrase ‘indy comic’ entered our collective lexicon.

But fear not. If ordering online isn’t your thing, very soon we’ll have a list right here of the major retail outlets where the book will be available. God we rock. We rock your fucking face off. Now pick up your face and buy my comic book. Please. Seriously, rent is due. Thanks.

Out for now…

– Paris “Rev” Battle