AFTER On The Shelves (And Where That Might Be)

On The ShelfGood news, dudes and dudettes! After much with the wheeling and the dealing, and a great leap of faith and show of support by forward-thinking retailers, AFTER is on the shelves at SIX locations around this great nation of ours. Anyone wishing to purchase a copy can motivate themselves to one of the following locations (prices vary):

MonstoreSo there you have it, kids. Anyone within walking, driving, bicycling or human cannonballing distance of the preceding locations can now step, roll, pedal or blast themselves toward one of these stores and pick up the book. I’ll let you know just as soon as more locations start carrying AFTER.

Out for now…

– Paris “Rev” Battle



  1. That’s so exciting! You’ll have a horde of of screaming fan-girls, and adoring fan-boys before you know it! ; )

  2. Well, getting these comics on the shelves wouldn’t be so easy if the comics didn’t kick so much ass. Which they do. So there.

    Congratulations, Mr. Battle…I keep telling you, big things are coming.
    I don’t think you’ll have to wait too much longer for them. 🙂

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