Why Hillary Clinton Will NOT Be President Of The United States

Hillary ScaryUp until now, I’ve remained apolitical on this forum. Primarily, I have intended this blog to be a vehicle for casual observational musings and shameless self promotion of my comic book (which, for those interested, can be ordered online here). And personally, I have generally been unimpressed by online ventures which turn into a pedestal to rant and rave about one’s pet political leanings. It’s not that I don’t appreciate open debate on the finer nuances of American politics with those who’re fairly well versed in the subject, it’s just that I don’t give a fuck what other people THINK unless they can back up their postulations with something resembling factual evidence. Foreign thought to most, that.

And with that state of affairs as my guiding light, I decided to rant and rave on some realities that NO ONE rallies behind, in the interest of getting away from the tradition of trumpeting my pet abstract theories on the world. For this purpose, I will indulge in the apparent freedom that the blogging community has over the content controlled so-called “mainstream media”, and deliver a series of messages on the candidates unencumbered by the rules of commercially viable mass broadcasts.

My first entry will likely upset some people. I’ve chosen the current forerunner for one side simply due to the fact that this person seems to represent the most extreme case of media and public self-delusion that I’ve ever seen in three decades on this Earth. Not long, you may point out, but considering that two of those decades were mostly the 80’s and 90’s, it still bears mentioning with this explanation. The title of this entry alone has lured you in and told you of who I speak, so without further explanation I’ll simply answer the question implied by the above title with the following:

Hillary Clinton Will Not Be The President Of The United States Because She Is a Woman.

Those of you firing up your hate mail launchers, I ask only one brief pause before the onslaught to clarify my position.

I’m not saying a woman can’t do the job of the Presidency. I’m not saying a woman SHOULDN’T do the job of the Presidency. What I’m saying (and with a fairly heavy heart, I’ll add) is that a woman will not be ELECTED to the office of the Presidency.

Some may consider this a bold statement. Some may consider this an embarrassing statement. Some may consider this a cringe-inducing statement. None of that prevents this from being a true statement.

But Rev, you say… America is READY. We’ve come so far. People don’t care about gender, they just want someone who can do the job. After eight years of Bush, people will elect whoever is qualified. And so forth, and so on… I’ve heard all this. I stand by my assertion. This country won’t elect a woman in the general election. Period. Point blank. End of story. She could be the reincarnated Betsy Ross with a war veteran running mate and the original flag dangling from her ass, it wouldn’t matter. And to see why, let me break it down by the numbers.

Right here you can find the US Census Bureau’s breakdown of said numbers with regards to who voted in the 2004 election. You may note that of citizens both eligible and registered, about 62% of men (58 million or so) and 65% of women (67 million) actually bothered to cast a vote. Good for them. At a glance, one could reach the conclusion that if the Presidential election were to somehow break down directly along gender lines, Hillary would command a clear majority. Of course it won’t do that, so I’ll stick to reality for the time being.

In the general election, Hillary Clinton would face a virtual plethora of obstacles to ascending to the White House before her gender even comes into play. She’s consistently polled as one of the most polarizing figures in American politics. Her acumen in the political game is staggeringly good (team Clinton still clearly possessing the skills it always has), but as of right now her ability to dance around the issues without saying anything concrete until is suits her is very cleverly being turned into a liability by her nearest rivals in the Dem primary. And while her husband might have possessed the charm and grace to laugh off notions of “fence riding” without ever directly addressing them, Hillary thus far does not. It doesn’t help anything that her crafted political image has never really included the words “charm” or “grace”. On top of all this, her position on the issue of the day (Iraq) is a major stumbling block to culling favor with members of her own party. There’s already a rising ‘anyone but a Republican OR Hillary’ sentiment growing in the ranks of the Democrats. In a general election, her biggest enemy could well not be Republican votes, but Democrats (male and female alike) staying home and washing their consciences clean of the whole affair.

ForerunnersBy themselves, however, these things wouldn’t necessarily halt her progress. Despite her position on the war, she’s still ahead in the polls significantly. This might have as much to do with the conspicuous lack of candidates on the left who are actually in favor of full troop withdrawal (with an exception or two) as it does her political skills, but either way she’s maintaining her lead so far. As I stated earlier, this may likely play very differently once the primary is over, but it’s still not enough to insure defeat. Nor are any other of her less-than-electable qualities, from polarization to general distaste.

And this is where gender comes in. Recent polls may indicate otherwise, but the most telling quote about this sort of polling came from Kellyanne Conway, an experienced Republican pollster who clearly doesn’t believe a female from either party is going to be President anytime soon: “People try to present their most progressive face to pollsters. Often they’re not being honest with themselves, so how can they be honest in a poll?”

Much as I hate to say it, she’s right. There is STILL a lingering, unadmitted sexism lurking in the population of this country. It can’t be narrowed down to any one group of people, or even one gender. Whether it be men who, on the extreme, don’t want a woman telling them what to do or leading the military, or women who allow jealousy to influence their voting behavior (“Fuck that catty bitch”, as my sister would say), this factor is going to play heavily on a female candidate from ANY party. There’s a damn good chance, in the midst of all this, that people who have never voted in their LIVES will register just to vote AGAINST Hillary Clinton.

Personally, I’m of the view that this is enough to sink any female candidate, at least at this phase of history. With someone who already has the baggage of Hillary in the mix, it’s essentially a forgone conclusion. If the Democrats nominate her, a Republican will be the next President.

Out for now…

– Paris “Rev” Battle



  1. I’d rather have Dubya as President-for-Life than Hillary.

  2. I was going to write a lovely comment about why I agree and disagree with the statements you just made. However, I then realized I’m a filthy, “pink-o” Canadian who can’t vote in this country.

    For some reason you keep me around anyways. : p

  3. I have another reason some women won’t vote for her.
    I see her as a pathetic example for the young women of this country. She allowed Bill to humiliate and abuse her and Chelsea in front of the whole world. She enabled him to continue his abuse of women in general, sexual and otherwise. If she doesn’t have the self-respect and strength to leave an abusive husband, then she has no business being in the White House because she obviously doesn’t have the strength needed to be President.
    And before you question (abuse? What abuse?), serial infidelity and public humiliation is mental/emotional abuse!

    And if she’s only with him for the power, that makes her even worse.

    This woman would NEVER vote for Hillary!

  4. Lisa,

    You’re making the assumption that Hillary cared about Bill’s activities as long as they were discreet. I don’t think there’s enough evidence to support that assumption. It has always seemed to me that the Clinton relationship was more merger than marriage.

    I think Hillary “did the math” and made her decision on how to react to Bill getting caught based on what was best for her future career. Frankly I don’t think she thought of it in terms of abuse – beyond how being the “noble victim” could benefit her.

    Now that’s just my opinion. To me Hillary seems to cold and calculating to be emotionally capability of being “abused” in the manner you describe.

  5. Jonolan, I agree. My point is, she’s a horrible example to young women and allowed other women to be abused.
    I think she’s only with him for the power. That makes her even worse.

  6. As much as I’d like to see a woman president, I don’t trust Hillary as far as I can throw her.

  7. You people are full of shit you just don’t like her because she loves her African American people…You guys are just some Fucken Haters as my Mom would say…….Get over it she’s going to win…….I bet your husbands are getting their dicks sucked and haven’t got caught yet..You talk about abuse everybody makes mistakes no one is perfect and their relationship was perfect until this slut came in the picture.That was Clinton’s decision to forgive her husband and move on with their life…..Stupid people you are…Shit talk about abuse look at Bush he’s abusing the whole United States oh that’s who you want in the White House…..

  8. Has anyone noticed how many of blogsphere’s Hillary supporters – the ones like Annette – are truly sub-literate? I wonder if it’s trend or just an anomaly.

  9. There are six female presidents worldwide, four female prime ministers, nine US state governors and 74 females in congress. People in general are ready for female leadership. You are all ready, and if you had any brains you would stop talking about her sex and focus on the issues. Maybe she is not the right candidate, I don’t know. But, stop focusing on the female B.S. in these blogs. The country is ready for female leadership because good leadership can come from either sex. We just need people to get out of the way and let the true female leaders in this country rise. We all need to stop being so dumb or jealous or whatever keeps people screwing up a female’s ability to make a difference. Just ask yourself, are you really so stupid where you can’t see past a person’s sex?

  10. You know, over the course of the two months since I posted this, it’s interesting that such a simple observation should have produced by FAR the most traffic on my blog. It is really so incendiary to point out that Hillary is going to lose votes to her gender? I’m not saying in the slightest that I don’t believe a woman couldn’t do the job. Personally, I have SIGNIFICANT doubts about Hillary in particular, but they have nothing to do with her sex, just her politics. What I pointed out is how the voters of America are going to react. And as enlightened and an equal-minded as those of us perusing the mighty intarwebs might be (maybe), that has shit to do with the voting habits of Middle America. I generally approve all but the most hateful and/or ignorant of commentary to these posts… hell, I’m just glad I’m getting traffic at this point… but people, take a breath and THINK for a minute. Regardless of how egalitarian those of us with a mind for politics may be, you have to remember that WE DON’T MAKE UP THE VOTING BASE. For anyone. People are all alone in those booths. Alone with their preconceptions, their prejudices, their notions about human nature… and no prying eyes. No one to know what vote you cast at all. Run a female in the general election, and you’re going to find out how sexist this country really is. All I’m saying, in the end, is that regardless of how I or anyone else feels on the subject, the answer to that question is likely to disappoint you.

  11. I won’t vote for hillary because she’s a fucken demon from hell, and yes, you can let everybody know I said that shit.

  12. That bitch is a lier, and prays off of the stupid individuals that make up a majority of this country’s population. She uses tactics that the dummest of fucks should recognize and reject, but no, these assholes intentionally vote for this bitch because they don’t want change. They like shit being as fucked as is. It’s just sad that these worthless faggits can’t be disenfranchised because it would save me and the rest of the people in this world a whole lot of stress.

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