AFTER Update: More Shelves, More Love, More Market Penetration!

Memetic Press

Time for an update, people. Thanks to the principles of viral infection, the number of shelves where one may find Issue One of AFTER have increased. Below you’ll find the complete list of stores carrying the book, and if you’re not blind you’ve by now seen the first permutation of Memetic Press’ very own corporate logo, in fetching earth tones. Lovely. All rights reserved.

ALSO: Those individuals turning their attention to my blog roll, at right, will see a new addition: ORDER AFTER ONLINE!

Guess what everyone can do there? Okay, here’s the list:

Out for now…

– Paris “Rev” Battle


  1. Say “market penetration” again. That’s hot.


  2. Market… penetration…

    AWWWWW yeah…


  3. Aw, hellz…who dosed Memetic Press with Spanish Fly again?
    *gets garden hose*

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