Charlotte ComiCon In Review

Rev @ Charlotte ComiConI know it’s been a few days, but circumstances, holidays, and decompression of the brain required yours truly to take a breath before sending out a new post. Anyway, here are some quick updates:

Table @ Charlotte ComiCon

  • Had a bitchin’ time at the Charlotte ComiCon. However, I should note that just because a con only lasts one day doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to think I can run the thing by myself. Apparently ‘one day convention’ can sometimes mean ‘uber dense foot traffic as everyone in the central part of the state shows up to enjoy it’. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Memetic Press made lots of friends, and a good time was had by all. But if you’re wondering why the picture shows an empty table, well… It’s because I can’t TAKE the picture AND be behind the table. I’m good, but I’m still working on my bilocation abilities.
  • Some people have been asking who the next candidate to get done up with my analysis is going to be. Short answer: I’m waiting for the Iowa Caucus. Hopefully, the field will be narrowed enough to make that decision easier. I don’t want to kill an afternoon doing a write up on Huckabee, for example, and then have him walk away with a single digit percentage in the eleventh hour. That would be a grand waste of time and blog space. Funny as hell, but a waste.

In any case, all is well with life, and updates are coming soon for all you After fans. 2008 is going to rock, people. Strap yourselves in.

Out for now…

– Paris “Rev” Battle



  1. Hey, man, give me more than 6 hours notice the next time, and I’m there!

  2. Shhh. You’ll make everyone think I’m unorganized behind the scenes.

  3. Er, um…what I mean is, uh, sorry I was unable to attend because of, ah, scheduling conflicts. Yeah, that’s it.

  4. As your publicist, I reserve the right to hereby declare you BUSTED, Mr. Battle.

    Good job, boyo…I am veryvery proud of you!

  5. What’s this I hear about San Fransisco being your next stop?

  6. SHHH. We haven’t made the official… ::looks at MySpace page:: Oh wait… We have. Yeah, I’ll be there. Next post is probably going to be Memetic’s official convention schedule this year.

  7. The pigeons in San Francisco are the nastiest birds I’ve ever seen. Normally, pigeons don’t bug me, but these things look like they’ve been rolling around in toxic waste all their lives. Every single one I’ve seen has a clubbed foot (sometimes feet), and they’re OILY. WTF. Why are they oily?! Horrifying. Truly.

  8. At a guess… I’d say they’re oily because San Francisco is a city run by hippies, and hippies don’t know how to take care of shit. Now, having never been there, this could be totally off base… and I’m only basing this observation on Southern hippies… I’ll have to withhold my final judgment until AFTER I’ve seen both San Francisco, AND these pigeons. And the hippies.

  9. An alternate theory is that because hippies run the city, everything within the city is affected by osmosis. I mean really….oily hippies, oily birds, coincidence? I think not!

  10. Oh, by the way, what are these pigeon things you are talking about? Having grown up in Salisbury, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen one. I’ve always thought they were some kind of legend or something?

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