Seems Innocuous Enough….It was a weekend of firsts. It was my first time on the West Coast, in San Francisco, or seeing Chinese New Year in the aforementioned city. It was a Con without a table, a comic book store that knew how the fuck to throw it down, and the Rev surviving it only with the help of the Good Lord and Jack Daniel.

This is, of course, all creative metaphor.

SkreetsSan Francisco is a lovely city with a split personality. It is seemingly a ‘frozen-in-amber’ example of an age we all traditionally think of as more civilized and reserved… Set against a populace who are all too willing to share their aggravated emotional state with you and anyone else who will listen, sometimes to the point of strikes about the human frame

They Try To Stare You Down, TooFirstly, lets address a warning I’d received more than once. The damned pigeons. Greasier, nastier, and somehow more creepily intelligent than birds in other places, these feathered fuckers would’ve made Hitchcock proud. They had special coiled wire on my hotel sill to keep them off, but they’d fight for the right to sit on the nearest streetlight and give me gangster stares whenever I opened the curtain.

I Didn’t Know They Operated Out Of The Alamo

I kid, mostly. Lovely city, weather wasn’t bad even when they SWORE it was, and they hosted the hell out of a Con. Three days of mayhem, with signs of it visible in several places nearby, such as is seen to the left. See if you can spot the tiny picture of Robert Downey Junior’s glowing eyes.


The Con itself was no disappointment, and it would be futile to try and recall or detail every cool person met on its floor. I will give a special shout to the fine people I met and conversed with in, around, and associated with Isotope, a comic book lounge that throws a hell of a party. Seriously, there’s a rocking ensemble cast in that place, and they can throw down with advanced skill.

Overall, had a blistering time in a lovely city, and hope I’m ascending enough in the next year to go back. Next time I’m staying longer.

Out for now…

– Paris Battle

One Quick Note…

I’m about five and a half hours from doing something I utterly despise (flying).  But it’s for a good reason, as San Francisco and WonderCon lie on the other end of it.

Just one quick update before I head out: The fine gentlemen over at Secret Identity Podcast have posted the interview that Mattman did with me up in New York back in November.  Good stuff!  You get to hear an over-caffeinated Reverend Battle trying his best not to use a four letter word on a family program.  Anyway, everyone should hope over to SIP and check it out.  Tune in for a listen to Issue 101.5 for my interview.

When next we speak, I’ll have a debriefing from WonderCon!

Out for now…

– Paris “Rev” Battle

Memetic Press Returns! This Weekend: WONDERCON SAN FRANCISCO

Memetic Press 2.0Folks, it’s been a long hard winter of darkness and cold. But all that is behind us now. After a stripping down, a restructuring, and a serious gut check, Memetic Press is prepared to return for 2008! Prepare for more misadventures, more ill-tempered commentary from yours truly, and more gratuitous hooliganism.

First stop: WONDERCON. That’s right folks. I, the newly awakened and recently shorn Paris “Rev” Battle will be making it to San Francisco for the first major comic book convention of the year. I’m very excited for two reasons. First, I’ve never been to San Francisco. And secondly, I’m going to be attending what I’ve been told is just a simply kick ass event. So anyone who wants to stop and shoot the shit with me, I’ll be the guy in the shirt bearing the Memetic Press logo. It’s a prototype, this shirt, so be careful around it. I haven’t fully field tested all the onboard weaponry.

But if you are brave enough to approach the Rev and his mostly complete weaponized shirt, bear this in mind: I have copies of AFTER, Issue One with me and secret news about upcoming events. The secret news I’ll give away for free, but you might have to trade me three bucks or some hotel mini-bottles for a copy of the book. Beyond that, I hope to see as many people as possible there. One more update before I leave most likely, and chances are it’ll be a good one. Stay tuned!

Out for now…

– Paris “Rev” Battle