Seems Innocuous Enough….It was a weekend of firsts. It was my first time on the West Coast, in San Francisco, or seeing Chinese New Year in the aforementioned city. It was a Con without a table, a comic book store that knew how the fuck to throw it down, and the Rev surviving it only with the help of the Good Lord and Jack Daniel.

This is, of course, all creative metaphor.

SkreetsSan Francisco is a lovely city with a split personality. It is seemingly a ‘frozen-in-amber’ example of an age we all traditionally think of as more civilized and reserved… Set against a populace who are all too willing to share their aggravated emotional state with you and anyone else who will listen, sometimes to the point of strikes about the human frame

They Try To Stare You Down, TooFirstly, lets address a warning I’d received more than once. The damned pigeons. Greasier, nastier, and somehow more creepily intelligent than birds in other places, these feathered fuckers would’ve made Hitchcock proud. They had special coiled wire on my hotel sill to keep them off, but they’d fight for the right to sit on the nearest streetlight and give me gangster stares whenever I opened the curtain.

I Didn’t Know They Operated Out Of The Alamo

I kid, mostly. Lovely city, weather wasn’t bad even when they SWORE it was, and they hosted the hell out of a Con. Three days of mayhem, with signs of it visible in several places nearby, such as is seen to the left. See if you can spot the tiny picture of Robert Downey Junior’s glowing eyes.


The Con itself was no disappointment, and it would be futile to try and recall or detail every cool person met on its floor. I will give a special shout to the fine people I met and conversed with in, around, and associated with Isotope, a comic book lounge that throws a hell of a party. Seriously, there’s a rocking ensemble cast in that place, and they can throw down with advanced skill.

Overall, had a blistering time in a lovely city, and hope I’m ascending enough in the next year to go back. Next time I’m staying longer.

Out for now…

– Paris Battle