Seems Innocuous Enough….It was a weekend of firsts. It was my first time on the West Coast, in San Francisco, or seeing Chinese New Year in the aforementioned city. It was a Con without a table, a comic book store that knew how the fuck to throw it down, and the Rev surviving it only with the help of the Good Lord and Jack Daniel.

This is, of course, all creative metaphor.

SkreetsSan Francisco is a lovely city with a split personality. It is seemingly a ‘frozen-in-amber’ example of an age we all traditionally think of as more civilized and reserved… Set against a populace who are all too willing to share their aggravated emotional state with you and anyone else who will listen, sometimes to the point of strikes about the human frame

They Try To Stare You Down, TooFirstly, lets address a warning I’d received more than once. The damned pigeons. Greasier, nastier, and somehow more creepily intelligent than birds in other places, these feathered fuckers would’ve made Hitchcock proud. They had special coiled wire on my hotel sill to keep them off, but they’d fight for the right to sit on the nearest streetlight and give me gangster stares whenever I opened the curtain.

I Didn’t Know They Operated Out Of The Alamo

I kid, mostly. Lovely city, weather wasn’t bad even when they SWORE it was, and they hosted the hell out of a Con. Three days of mayhem, with signs of it visible in several places nearby, such as is seen to the left. See if you can spot the tiny picture of Robert Downey Junior’s glowing eyes.


The Con itself was no disappointment, and it would be futile to try and recall or detail every cool person met on its floor. I will give a special shout to the fine people I met and conversed with in, around, and associated with Isotope, a comic book lounge that throws a hell of a party. Seriously, there’s a rocking ensemble cast in that place, and they can throw down with advanced skill.

Overall, had a blistering time in a lovely city, and hope I’m ascending enough in the next year to go back. Next time I’m staying longer.

Out for now…

– Paris Battle



  1. hey Paris, your comic “After” is up for review on episode 23 of Heroes of Science Fiction and Fantasy. Episode 22 was just released and at the end I announced “After” as being reviewed in 23. website http://www.heroesofsciencefictionandfantasy.com for a quick link to itunes or just to listen at your computer.

  2. hey Paris, “After” was actually reviewed in episode 24 of the itunes podcast: Heroes of Science Fiction and Fantasy along with your interview. Thanks again for stopping by. Hope to see you next year. website http://www.heroesofsciencefictionandfantasy.com voicemail 1-206-333-1297
    Follow these steps: after getting the itunes software(it is free) click on itunes store, then in the search window enter Heroes of Science Fiction and Fantasy, click subscribe(it is free also), subscribing allows you to automatically get the latest download as it is released. This podcast is not for profit in any way. -OR- just go to the above website and follow the directions.

  3. I appreciate the picture of the Chronicle Building. There is some threat that Hearst Media might or already has sold the property and this 80 plus year old landmark will be demolished to make way for another souless skyscraper condo complex!! Regardless of the sagging mewspaper business. Such a landmark needs to continue to stand. If for nothing else as an adidtion to San Francisco’s many museums. I think the city and it’s many visitors, local and from afar need a “Newspaper Museum”. What better place to establish one or to move an existing one to? It’s a true City Landmark and needs to be preserved!! Easy as that.

    Oh and I really enjoy your very witty and humerous commentary on Downtown, South of The Slot, and the Finance District. The part about the towns pigeons is particularly true.

    If you or anyone who reads this and gets the chance to. Please write, both the old-fashioned and modern manner to both “Hearst Media” and “The City of San Francisco” about the need to have a special redolution passed to preserve this great historical building. Whether the real estate men and developers approve or not!!

    If you or anyone else is staying the next time in San Fran for the Wonder Con, any other convention, or just vacationing. Please stay just across the street from the Chronicle Building. At the “Hotel Pickwick”. Not only is it a cool Historical building, but a “literary” one as well. It’s where Dashel Hammett’s famous “Sam Spade” private investigator moved in and out of during the “Maltese Falcon”. And don’t worry it’s quite comfortable as well. Just save up for the expenditure, but damn near every lodging in that district of town is a little pricey anyway.

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