To The Memetic-Mobile!

Another month, another series of ridiculous and unexpected struggles in the life of an indy comic book writer. Folks, let me offer a piece of advice to all would-be self publishers that might be reading this: If you thought money was an aggravating reality of life BEFORE, get ready to explore new levels of pain. Personally, I’m trying to look at them as birthing pains, with an infant businessman coming out the other side. At the end of the day, I can’t imagine learning the ins and outs of more advanced financial acumen with hands-on experience hurts more than majoring in business in college. Those fuckers were ALWAYS miserable. Me, I was a liberal arts major, so I spent college learning to drink.

Anyway, long story short, my car finally had enough mechanical problems to become what I THINK they call a “diminishing return resource” or some other technical crap. In layman’s terms, it means that looking down the barrel of over two thousand dollars worth of replacement parts and labor was WAY more expensive than just setting up regular payments on a new vehicle. And this is with the shittiest credit rating in the lower forty-eight.

Fortunately, I hit the car lot at a perfect conjunction of economic factors. Namely, the American economy is in the shitter while the 2008 models are going off the lot. There was a man on site MORE than happy to find a way to finance me a new Toyota. Also, he wore alligator-skin shoes which (in case you were unaware) is the mark of a professional car salesman down South.

So without further ado, let me present the NEW Memetic-Mobile:

I Call Her \'Yolanda\'

As you can see, the company has taken the responsible path of choosing one of the most fuel-efficient non-hybrid vehicles on the market today. This is all part of Memetic Press’ continuous dedication to reducing our carbon footprint and maintaining a standard of green…

Fuck it, you know that’s a joke. I’m not even finishing the sentence. It’s ACTUALLY part of my dedication to not making every trip to the gas pump feel like a shower scene from Oz.

So what bearing does this have on the course of Memetic Press and After? Well, for starters it’s pushed work on Issue Two back a bit, in case you haven’t noticed (and, looking at my EMail inbox, you have). But things should be on track in that department soon enough. More to the point, the majority of my convention trips this year are either cancelled or under serious review. So, sorry Seattle. Er, and New York. And several other places I’ll mention once I know where I AM going. Sad, but these are the sorts of punches one has to roll with. One day we’ll all look back on this and laugh. Assuming we’re sober and alive.

Out for now…

– Paris “Rev” Battle


1 Comment

  1. Da na na na na na na na—Memetic Mobile! Hmm. You need a better theme song.

    I’m assuming you haven’t cancelled Heroes Con, yes?

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