AFTER Update!

Been a while since I’ve doled out new information on AFTER, Memetic Press’ foray into the comic book world.  Issue Two has been a long-running and ongoing process, due in part of the hectic and shoestring nature of indy comic book production, but mostly due to my own anal-retentive insistence on perfection.  I can’t go into the EXACT nature of Issue Two’s upcoming visual look, but I can say that it’s unique and groundbreaking.  And that it will be well worth the wait.

In the meantime, those looking for more AFTER teasers can check out the info page we’ve attached at the top tab here… A few canon-based bits of information that provide some back story, complete with illustration.  The apocalypse, my friends, will not be pretty.

While all that is going on, I have a podcast to recommend.  A very friendly dude named Doc (coincidentally enough) hosts a show called Heroes Of Science Fiction And Fantasy.  Excellent review show for all things geek-like, and the guy manages to score some kick-ass interviews.  Highly recommended for people interested in both the fan and creative side of production.

Of course, I bring this up right at THIS moment because his latest episode features an interview with yours truly.  I found Doc on the floor at WonderCon earlier this year, and told him all about AFTER.  For anyone unfamiliar with the book, listening to me ramble on about it is actually a pretty good place to start.  You can listen to the latest show here:


But I do advise hooking up to his main page and finding the backlog, because Doc’s shows are damned interesting.

More to come soon enough, folks.

Out for now…

– Paris ‘Rev’ Battle