What We’ve Been Up To

As some of you (read: all of you) have noticed, Memetic Press has gone nearly a full month without either an AFTER update or a high-handed sanctimonious rant by yours truly.  Since those are the two things we tend to specialize in around here, that’s prompted some EMails wondering what, precisely, is up.

Well, basically we’ve all been busy as fuck.  So let me just hit a few high points about the Memetic Press agenda for the next few days, and in September I’ll get back to our regularly scheduled bombardment of vulgarity and heinousness.

First of all, DragonCon.  No, we’ve no table there, but YES the good Reverend Battle will be in attendance.  I’ll have AFTER sample issues to anyone who convinces me they need one and gets to me before I run out.  Also, make sure you talk to me before the fifth whiskey goes down, cause after that I promise nothing.

Secondly, if you look below you will see several images of a strange and wondrous thing.  This thing is a scale white model of the village of Warfield, which you AFTER readers will be familiar with.  Memetic Press’ own Hired Specialist is constructing this piece of in-progress brilliance in his laboratory even as I type this.  Why, you ask?

Well, that part’s a secret.  But not a very closed one.  Anyone finds me at DragonCon and buys the SIXTH whiskey, and maybe I can be talked into spilling the beans.  Otherwise, you’ll all just have to wait and learn with the rest of the world.  For now, feast your eyes on the brilliance:

Out for now…

– Paris ‘Rev’ Battle